• Field Service

    Our engineers are engaged in equipment maintenance daily. From time and material, labor only, to shared risk, or full service. We can custom tailor a program to fit your specific needs.

  • Magnet Maintenance

    We stock Sumitomo 408A2 coldheads, cryo lines, and CSW71 compressors. Our Engineers can supply and install any part of the cryogen subsystem on all GE magnets. Dynamic can provide 24×7 magnet monitoring for any magnet with alerts to any of your team via text messaging and/or e-mail.

  • Site Technical Training

    Take advantage of our seasoned team. We offer customized technical training for in house biomed groups or imaging engineers that might need advanced or specialized training.

  • Installs, Deinstalls, Rigging & Transport

    Things change. If you move your business (whether to the next state or the next door) we can de-install, re-install, and even upgrade your equipment– even if you are in a long term agreement with an OEM. From rigging and transportation to installation planning and system calibrations, we can handle all the headaches of the project. We’ll also ramp and shim the magnet, calibrate to OEM standards and refurbish, stage and test your equipment. We can store your equipment in our climate controlled warehouse. We can even keep magnets cold during storage.

  • Upgrades

    Are you thinking the competition has edged you out a bit by outpacing you in product platform? No problem. Unlike the OEMs, we can take you up one platform, or the latest and greatest. Usually, around your existing magnet, lowering your cost greatly!

  • Procurement

    Facing the daunting task of equipment replacement? No problem. We can help find the right equipment to fit your needs, both technically and financially.

  • Mobile Storage

    We have 480 Volt shore plugs to keep your MRI or CT alive and well while not in use or at Dynamic for service or upgrades.